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Getting the Deployment Zip 0.1 package to run on IIS7

  1. Download and unzip the files to a directory of your choosing
  2. Setup either the default web site on IIS to point to the directory you just unzipped to or create a new web site (on a new port or different host name) and point this site to the directory.
  3. Unblock the Assemblies in the bin folder. Right click on each assembly, select properties then ‘unblock’
  4. Modify the connection string in the web.config file to point to a NEW mssql database running on your sql server or leave it as sqlexpress connection string.
  5. If you are running against a sqlexpress database, you will need to make sure the app pool in IIS has Load User Profile true (Right click on the app pool and select advanced settings, under ‘Process Model’, locate “Load User Profile” set to true).

A technical description of the project can be found here

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