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Project Description
MVC 2 project that Shortens urls

Fully functioning 'bare bones' url shortening website. Just 1 page to create and display the short url.

'API' mode allows you to have just the short url returned from a http post request.

Will be used to twitter links on our website.

We have build a bare bones url shortener that just does 1 thing. It makes those long url's really short.

The project has been build using

* .NET MVC 2
* VS 2010 targeting .Net 3.5
* Linq To SQL , using SQL Express locally
* Migatordotnet for automatically getting db up to speed (installing sql scripts)
* Codeplex + Mercurial for source control

Will be used to shorted the url for our site

Version 0.5 - new features as described here

Version 0.6 - will not use vowels (a e i o u) when creating short urls, as described here:

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